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By Luke Kettle on April 27, 2015
Words Not Yet Spoken is a meditative hymn of wisdom from a poetic life spent listening to wandering feet talking to the earth. There is magic in the uncertainty of the imagination. Probing the fault lines in our souls relieves the pressure and fear of exploring our own mysteries. When we strive towards success that requires a narrowing of peripheral thought and vision or when we keep our mouths and minds shut to obtain promotion and materialism what happens to our artistic inner voice? In this collection of poems Elizabeth Martina Bishop provides several trailheads that we may wander towards a poetic reconnection. While reaching towards a destination we might find along the way that we needn’t fear the thoughts that scare us. We might require loneliness, searching, and growing. We might contemplate the ways of the stars, the nature of love, or the feel of our fingers sliding along a string, resurrecting a tune that was familiar to us from a time before we were born. There is truth in our own ambivalence, perhaps purpose and meaning can be found in a life spent searching for meaning and purpose. There is both misery and joy in a life of listening and watching. This collection of poems reminds us that we can–and should–inhabit our own contradictions.

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Words Not Yet Spoken

Poetic questions are often open-ended. If you meditate on a question, you can enhance your thought by writing a poem; you can go for a walk in the snow; or you can rationalize the following: a passing thought may be considered the beginning of a day dream, you can let it go or do something else like knit a scarf.