The wedding will not take place

This poetic novel promises an occasion for celebration and ceremony. Meanwhile, the ritual of ceremony exists only within the mind of the celebrants who are on the point of undertaking a long journey. This novel promises an ambitious time line involving the completion of a journey. However, no actual ritual of ceremony is actually performed. Instead, the act of writing is seen as a self-redemptive and self-revelatory journey occasioning a spiritual awakening. In the spirit of “Waiting for Godot,” celebrants and attendants engage in long journeys of pilgrimage, ultimately leading them towards an inner heart-centered labyrinth. A novel approach to writing a novel without an apparentending or beginning, words in themselves represent an exploration of the psyches of those who would prepare for a centered afterlife of joy and renunciation.

 by Elizabeth Martina Bishop (Author)

wedding is off 1

wedding is off 2