road to tramore

The Road To Tramore: 104 poems and 3 plays


 By Steven R A Johnson on November 8, 2014

The poems are musical, with many tones of thought and feeling in lines that are metrical as in the spoken breath. Little prose half-stories are wonderfully complimentary. The location varies reliably and between Ireland and Boulder, CO.

The plays are also quite complimentary, though I kind of wish they were published at the beginning of the book with all of their action and momentum, and socio-cultural, conceptual frameworks. But don’t expect to read plays proper, rather literary forms that play with the notion of narration, quick dialogue and lengthier monologues in a genuine, Irish prosody of the vernacular. A few talented actors could pull off Bishops plays at a venue like Boulder Fringe Festival, though probably not on Broadway. All in all, I’d recommend the read.