My Feet Talk to the Road: Gardenia’s Café Paperback – June 20, 2011

My Feet Talk to the Road, Gardenia’s Café, holds a key to some of the episodic material contained in the short stories. Each of the characters may be seen as representing some aspects of the Major Arcana found in Tarot cards. In addition, the characters may be viewed as spirit guides who enjoy interaction with Gardenia, the owner of the Café. Readers might like to be informed that Gardenia was a real person who used to read tea leaves and cards, and was an incredible seer. These vignettes reflect some of the typical members of her clientele who appear very fond of telling stories and expanding on archetypal aspects of family interrelationships.


By Steven R A Johnson on September 28, 2014

This book of poetry and prose is largely a work of divination, on Tarot in particular, that doubles as an instruction manual for the metaphysically challenged. I’m not sure that I’ll reach 8th chakra awareness and go on to recall past lives, or prophesy future lives; nevertheless, the work is written in a language that facilities dreaming, and it seems dreamtime is the stuff these poems/stories/characters are made of. How to distinguish bloodlines of the soul from those of ancestry, and what to do when the two come together? Second-generation travellers act as stand-in scholars in a culture where language blows in the wind. The stories and readings are multi-dimensional forgeries including stage notes and ceremony, poetical incantations. Well worth buying, especially for its glossary of terms from a seldom-annotated traveller’s language, the Celtic “Shelte”. A highly synchronistic read!