Caravan of Dreams

This current selection includes poems drawn from several previous collections as well as new poems created this year. The compendium of old and new poems represents dream poems and poems that are largely birthed in the dream state. To say that Bishop dreams her poems at night is no act of bravado. Indeed, she dreams most of her poems at night and then writes them up in the light of day. Caravan of Dreams inhabits the theme of travel, often present in Bishop’s work. Traveling from one place to another, taking part in fairs, taking part in education symposiums and giving poetry readings, Bishop uses travel as a way to jump start creativity. Her belief is reflected in the following: Travel in and of itself is nothing unless we travel inward to that pure place of peace instilled with meditation. That renders our lives a kind of pilgrimage, not a restless wandering, but a wandering with an idea of refuge.