If you ask me

To speak

I will find I cannot

No at least not this week

The silence of divinity suits me just fine

In my sumptuous version of a flesh-driven jumpsuit

As the clock keeps on ticking

In the name of normalcy

I know exactly where I will end up

In the same place

As everyone else

Wearing a bath robe

On beachfront property

But still when I fall asleep

I am afraid retirement won’t hold me up

Anymore and I will divine

The fact ants have been trekking

Across my spotless floor

In moonlight

And because the tenor of these ants

Is not entirely metaphoric

I am afraid I will fool myself

Into believing the world was ever

Kind of calm or good

And with that thought

Begins approaching

The most agonizing

Part of my geography

When I look down at my deformed feet

I trample upon the rights of others

And that is just the most crazy

Justice of all