Try not to interrupt the river
As a storm detained in momentary silk
That in an avalanche might do better
When robed as mistress, goddess, woman
Deciphered from stem to stern
Perhaps as linnet, cygnet or swan
Or unlearned synapse of yarn
Gleaned from a map
Of flowing garments
Ends up in a mudslide.
If a mountain
Seeded by eagles
Demurs, then what of repairing
Mudslide defining home?
Overturning a three legged stool
Would be nothing to a swineherd
Shepherded from a farmhouse,
On account of indifference
Over spilt milk.
When flogging
The bejesus out of indecision’s ilk,
Share-croppers could do worse
Than deter or jolt a dot, a jot
Consisting of a life particle
Sweeping across a floor,
A wave may interrupt a harvest,
Why wait?
An hour may interrupt
Angelic angle
What for?